Who Needs Internet T3 Connection?

Internet Connection T3 lines are commonly used by large businesses because they provide extremely fast rates for data transfer. This is alluring to businesses that require large amounts of file transfer everyday. Moreover, T lines offer very reliable Internet access, with an “always on” capability that has very few incidences of downtime and lost Internet connectivity. In terms of speed, the Internet T3 lines operate at 44.6 Mbps. Hence, Internet T3 lines are about thirty times faster than T1 lines. These high speed connections are very advantageous for heavy Internet traffic situations and in the busy network where accessibility demands are born from a huge number of users.Businesses that need fast broadband Internet connectivity will appreciate the Internet Connection T3 lines being among the fastest connections available today. Internet T3 lines offer sufficient bandwidth for hosting multiple high-traffic web sites and an “always on” access for other groups that require a similar hosting for high-volume web sites. T3 broadband connections are widely used and accessible in almost every region of the country. This kind of connection is currently the most common way companies connect to their local area network and wide area network. Internet T3 is also known as DS3. T3 is a point-to-point and dedicated line that is actually a total of 28 T1 lines. Internet T3 transmits digital signals at 44.736 megabits/s. It also has enough bandwidth to send out full-motion and real-time video, and extremely large database on a busy network.Probably, buyers of Internet Connection T3 are mostly enterprise sized businesses with higher data demands. Examples of such are large scale VPN and video conferencing and hosted application servers. Software development companies often require throughput that is above and beyond T1 capability in handling client uploads and downloading traffic when buyers log onto FTP servers and access patches as well as newer versions of the product. Moreover, the printing industry is also a big consumer of bandwidth since they pass large graphic files back and forth. Local and regional Internet Service Providers also use Internet T3 circuits as the solid foundation of their consumer-based broadband delivery, and just like any tier-one user, carriers that have outgrown T1 and NxT1 options for bandwidth are likely candidates for Internet Connection T3 service.
Today’s chief Internet Connection T3 users are large web hosting companies, high-traffic web sites, medical centers, universities, call centers and government offices.The price of Internet Connection T3 is not at all cheap. Its high capacity makes it highly in demand as backbone for today’s Internet. What’s more, Internet T3 lines are rather complex compared to T1 lines, since they technically run 28 T1 lines altogether, which also takes extra equipment or software for it to work properly. You may however share the cost of a Internet Connection T3 line as not all businesses need a constant T3-level bandwidth. Thus, it is practical for these businesses to consider a “burstable” connection that involves sharing Internet T3 connectivity with another company through the Internet Connection T3 service provider. This provides access to very high transmission rates at much less the cost of a complete Internet Connection T3 set-up.